Strategic Business Development

Competent Ladders has through its presence in Singapore built a strong channel of partners to resell IT solutions. We offer this as a Strategic Business Development offering to organizations who want to expand in this region.

The value of partnering with Competent Ladders is:


Competent Ladders has built a strong channel of partners across ASEAN, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. By partnering with Competent Ladders, you get access to this channel that will enables you to sell to customers in these geographical areas quickly.


Partnering with Competent Ladders, your organization will be able to expand your market reach at the lowest cost compared to you making investments. Our proposition would form one of the lowest risk model for your expansion.


Our focus will be to give you access and reach to an additional customer base, with no additional direct sales and marketing costs. We come along with local market knowledge, enabling you to establish your business in new markets without incurring heavy market entry costs.

Range of Solution we offer for Strategic Business Development are:

IT Services

Our strength in this space is our partner coverage of ASEAN and South Asia. Our partners are IT solution providers who deal with integration of infrastructure and applications in these countries of operation.

This region has its set of challenges around skills and that is the potential we can help you tap. Our partners require specialized technical support for IT Solutions. They know the local market and you have the right skill. This will make the relationship a win win for you, them and their clients.