Event Management and Servics

With a large range of services from Competent Ladder, you’ll be describing your next event as “an amazing success”.

We know what it takes to make the perfect event. Our planning is a mixture of creativity, personal interaction, and exacting attention to the details that get people involved and keep them engaged. And we apply our philosophy for success to all your corporate events, including briefing, event planning and after-event services.

No project is too big or too small. Choose from the following services or brief us for a unique experience:

Equipment hire

Whatever your event equipment rental requirement may be- whether it is trussing for your lighting, or a marquee for an outside wedding, if it is portable loos for a corporate function or catwalks for a 21st, we will organize what you need with our assorted range of equipment rental options. We partner for equipment rental for all kinds of events.

The event equipment rental can be done on a dry hire bases or provided with crew to set up, manage and strike the equipment.

Our event equipment rental consists of (but is not limited to):

PA Systems and Sound Rental:

Whether you’re looking for the sound to support a band at a music festival, or if you’re looking to create the overall resonance at your corporate event, wedding function, or theatre production… or even if you just need a small PA system for personal speeches by a motivational speaker… whatever your need may be we can get the sound for you.

With our professional sound hire we provide not only all the different sound equipment you’ll need but also the professional services of:

  • A site evaluation.
  • Setting up the equipment.
  • Engineering the event.

From an amateur perspective it is virtually impossible to know what sound equipment to use where and how to use it to best make your event “pop”. Specialized engineers will be able to assist and educate you in letting you know what it is you will need. We have everything you need when it comes to comprehensive and professional sound hire.

Lighting Rental:

With our diverse range of lighting equipment and our skilled lighting technicians allow us to transform your event into an illuminated masterpiece. Both the underuse and overuse of different types of lights can mean the detriment of your event as a whole. Our wide range of lighting gear is suited for any situation and every occasion. Including :

  • Outdoor events (concerts, shows and parties).
  • Theatre productions (dance and acting performances).
  • School productions and plays.
  • Fashion shows.

With a combination of our moving heads, dimmers, follow spotlights and LED displays allow us to transform your event into exactly the style that you are looking for. Lighting rental can be done either as a dry hire or with the assistance of an experience lighting technician.

Audiovisual Rental:

Audiovisual equipment is the multimedia side of eventing that adds a little distinction to your special occasion, including everything from LED Dance Floors to projection screens we have exactly what you need to make your event stand out- or simply to add a little bit of fun. Some of items that we have up for offer are:

  • HD cameras.
  • LED dance floors.
  • LED screens.
  • Projectors and projection equipment.
  • Live visual mixing tools and live visual feed.

The use of audiovisual equipment suits any occasion: weddings, parties, corporate functions, outdoor events, fashion shows, product launches and much much more. All you have to do is decide what it is you are looking for and we will be able to make it happen.

Stage and Structural Rental:

The type of staging and structural devises you may need can range all the way from large outdoor riggings to small and intimate trussing, podiums and simple stages. All our equipment is suitable for either an indoor or outdoor event and fully certified at an international standard. Our rigging team is quick and accomplished – getting everything setup so that it not only looks incredible but is safe and secure as well, therefore focusing on the three aspects of efficiency, safety and appearance. The service of mantling and dismantling the stage is done in coordination with your personal preferences, and your sound and lighting requirements.

Our stage and support structure options include:

  • Stages and stage roofs.
  • Catwalks and risers.
  • PA wings.
  • Follow spot platforms and operators.
  • Front of house positions.
  • Front of stage barrier.
  • Access ramps, staircases and walkways.
  • Loading ramps.
  • Tent, marquee or stretch tent structures.
  • Camera towers and cable tracks.
  • Screen support structures.
  • Security and observation towers.
  • Mobile stages.

Whether the need is basic or complex a stage and support structure always creates an exciting (and sometimes essential) piece to an event. It can create a focus and centre point to the event as a whole, thereby giving it that touch of a little extra effort at smaller events, or creating that ‘wow factor’ at larger events.

Staging and stage structures can be used at any events:

  • Outdoor entertainment.
  • Awards evenings.
  • Special events (birthdays and weddings).